Rubber Crumb Driveways

What you need to know about Rubber Crumb Driveways

The construction industry has evolved greatly over the years as constructors and property owners look for ways to make constructions more durable, affordable and exquisite. The rubber crumb driveway is one of the many construction ingenuity that was introduced to make driveway construction cheaper. It entails the use of recycled rubber granules. Despite having been used in Europe for over 75 years, rubber crumb driveways Leicester is classified as new because it uses a new construction technique that is scientifically proven and elaborate to guarantee durability and strength.

The cost of rubber crumb driveways :-

Cost is always a major construction aspect that can never be overlooked. Every property owner hopes to get the best final product but at minimal cost because construction is always classified as an expensive affair. However, since rubber crumb driveways use recycled materials, they offer cost-effective driveway construction solutions. They are easy to install and maintain. Moreover, the rubber crumb driveway cost reduces significantly if the surface is to be laid on a preexisting ground. Where filling and excavation are required, the cost may increase significantly but still be lower as compared to other driveway construction methods.

How rubber crumb driveways are installed :-

The three rubber crumb driveways Leicester installation procedures are simple. The installation method you use is determined by the type of base surface in use. Base types include; stable original ground, soft ground, and pre-existing base. Where a pre-existing strong base like concrete or tarmac is available, the installation includes laying of the rubber crumb mixture of 15mm thickness only. For a stable original ground, some treatment to make the rubber crumbs stick effectively is done after which the rubber crumb mixture is laid over the treated ground. In soft ground areas, the material is excavated, and its space is filled with a better rubber crumb base material. The ground is treated before the rubber crumb mixture is laid over it.

Advantages of rubber crumb driveways in Leicester :-

Durability :-

The core advantage of using rubber crumb driveways Leicester is that they are salt, oil cracking, and rust resistant. The rubber crumb mixture is very stable such that, it expands and contracts evenly when exposed to heat or cooling effects. Hence, you are guaranteed that there will never be cracking if the rubber crumb driveway is laid appropriately. Also, the firm driveway offers good grip that prevents cars from skidding on the surface to cause wear and tear or knock off loose surface materials.

Environment friendly :-

Rubber crumb driveways are constructed from recycled materials. As such, they help to keep the environment clean by eliminating the problems associated with disposing of worn-out rubber tires. Also, an increase in the usage of rubber crumb driveways would mean reducing the use of tarmac and concrete driveways that sometimes have adverse effects on the environment.

Conclusion :-

Rubber crumb driveways Leicester offer other benefits like; fast drainage, vandal resistance, and usability during all weather conditions. Hence, if you are looking for a quality driveway, rubber crumb should be your only choice. Also, ensure that you work with a constructor who understands all the rubber crumb installation techniques.

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