Resin Bound Driveway

Its common fact that that there is a misconception between resin bound and resin bonded driveways, so knowing the difference between the two is imperative before you decide whats right for you.

Resin bound comprises of a dried aggregate, which is incapsulated in a clear polyurethane 2 part resin using a forced action mixer. After which this is then applied to a pre-existing base or a new constructed base. The application thickness will depend on your chosen aggregate size but it is usaly applied between 15mm and 18mm thick. Your chosen resin bound driveway leicester is then trowel finished to give a smooth aesthetically pleaseing look.

Resin bound is porous and if applied to a permeable base would be suds compliant.

Resin bonded surfacing can be much cheaper than resin bound this due to the fact that it requires less material and is usaly applied to an existing surface.

The construction of a resin bonded driveway consists of a 2 part polyurethane resin being mixed and applied to and existing or new constructed base, after which your chosen aggregate is casted over the area, which then bonds to the surface. once cured all excess loose resin bonded aggregates are swept off to leave a seamless finish.

Resin bonded driveways leicester are not permeable and are only the thickness of your chosen aggregate.

Maintaining your Resin Bound Driveway Leicester All four annual seasons offer unique natural beauty that is complemented by a beautiful and well-maintained resin bound driveway Leicester. Resin bound driveway paving offers numerous aesthetic and safety benefits as compared to other driveway surfaces like asphalt and concrete. For instance; its permeability reduces the amount of stagnant water and as a result, reduces the risk of ice formation on your driveway during winter. Here are tips on how to maintain your resin bound raising all year round.

During winter :-

It is advisable to apply rock salt on your resin driveway to prevent ice formation as well as to dissolve the unexpected frost or ice that might have formed. However, once winter is over, you should scrub your driveway thoroughly to remove any traces of rock salt. Use a plastic shovel to remove snow from your resin bound driveway. Using a snow plough or metal shovel is not advisable as they may damage the surface by digging in as you try to remove stubborn snow residue.

Routine maintenance:-

To retain your driveway's splendor sweeping regularly with a stiff broom as you hose clean water. Moreover, you can power wash the resin bound driveway with a cold water pressure washer taking care not to apply excessive pressure and set the jet at 200mm from the surface. Maintain a sweeping position.

Moss, oils and chewing gums:-

It is common for moss to form on your resin bound driveway Leicester. But they can be easily removed using a pressure washer or a stiff broom. Sweep the moss using a stiff broom while hosing clean water. Oil stains are easily washed away by natural rains, but if need be, they can be cleaned using warm water and household detergents. Chewing gum is treated with freezing spray and carefully removed after it hardens using a paint or wall scraper.

Other maintenance tips :-

Avoiding turning the steering wheel when the car is stationary. Remove tyre marks by wiping the surface with a cloth soaked in white spirit and follow up with a power wash using your preferred household detergent. Avoid spilling grease, oils, plaster, solvents, petrol, and cement. Grease and oils cannot damage the surface, but they leave unsightly marks. Plaster and cement are quite hard to remove once the set in. Solvents and petrol can damage the surface by softening the resin.

Conclusion :-

The above simple DIY maintenance tips help in keeping your resin bound driveway Leicester looking new and attractive for years. However, it is advisable to seek professional maintenance assistance in case all the above tips fail. Do not try a snow or debris removal method that is not tried or recommended.

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