Brick and Dry Stone Wall Driveway

Brick and Dry Stone Wall Driveway Benefits

Dry stone walls are achieved through a method of construction known as a dry stack. Dry stacking utilizes natural stones and does not require concrete or cement to hold the stones in place. The stones to be used must be carefully selected and arranged in an interlocking pattern so that the driveway wall supports itself. During ancient days, dry stone walls were preferred because they required fewer tools, their technique is simple, and the rocks used were collected from the gardens. Nowadays, you must purchase dry stones but you can still enjoy more brick and dry stone driveway Leicester benefits such as; traditional brick walls require a foudation that is excavated into the ground and filled with a concrete base, you do require a skill to build a traditional brick wall as this requires a mortar bed to bond the bricks together,there is a vast range of brick type,colour to choose from whether it be tradition modern or reclaimed.


Dry stone walling: Since they do not use mortar, dry stone walls conform to the earth or space where they are placed and can shift with the earth when it shifts. Moreover, they are resistant to ground movement making them ideal for use in terraces and retaining walls.Traditional brick walling leicester gives a good solid foundation to work off.

Drainage :-

Dry stone walling:Since the stones are arranged in interlocking patterns, they leave small spaces that allow water and other fluids to move through freely. Meaning that ice or water that could solidify into ice cannot get trapped between the bricks or stones to cause frosting during winter.Traditional brick walling will not allow water to flow through freely therfore if required drainage holes most be formed to allow water to flow


Unlike most stone constructions, brick, and dry stone wall driveway, Leicester does not require a stiff concrete base. This aspect not only saves money and reduces labour, but also means that the dry stone walls can practically fit in any location.Traditional walling does require a foudation for stabilty and does require more thought.

Easy to repair:-

If for some reason your brick dry stone wall driveway get damaged, you can re-use the same stones. For instance, In case a stone cracks to form two small stones, you can use the two small stones to fill the space differently. The fact you do not have to purchase new stones or materials to make repairs means that you save money, time and labour.

Looks good:-

It is no secret that the traditional, rustic look still looks appealing to date. In fact, it boosts the value of any property because it complements the surrounding environmental features. As such, brick and dry stone wall driveway Leicester depicts a sense of style and uniqueness

Choosing the right stones for the job:-

There are three dry stone types; flat stacking stones, dressed stones and round field stones. Each type of stone offers a unique look. Hence, you should consider the stone type that complements your property's exterior design. For example, dressed stones offer a formal look that may not fit in a rustic setting. If the driveway wall is part of a water feature, it is advisable to use harder stones.

Conclusion :-

Though the brick and dry stone wall driveway Leicester construction do not require heavy machinery or special knowledge, it is advisable to hire a contractor. This is because the process is labour intensive and requires more time and concentration to pull off a successful job.

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