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Natural Stone Block Paving Driveway

Natural Stone Driveways Hazards

Natural stone is a common driveway choice among homeowners who prefer to work its wide selections that range from intricate tiles to natural stone cobble pavers. It is widely used for its natural hardiness. However, depending on the style you choose to have, it easily transforms a once boring driveway into an aesthetically appealing exterior extension of your home. However, just like all driveways, you must invest in what is right for you, whether it be a natural stone driveway surface or a block paving leicester driveway, there will be cleaning and protection routines. Note that, your driveway is exposed to the harsh climatic elements that expose natural stone driveways Leicester to natural dangers.

Natural stone driveways hazards :-

Just like tarmac driveways, the biggest hazard to your natural stone driveway is oils. When not in use, most vehicles are parked in driveways. The parking time is enough for motor grease and oils to leak onto the beautiful natural stone driveway. If not cleaned on time, oil-based stains darken natural stones and must be chemically dissolved to rinse away the oils or grease that caused the dark stains.

On the other hand, if noticed in time, the oil or grease stains can be cleaned using ammonia, mineral spirits, soft liquid cleansers, household detergents or acetone. But, depending on the natural stone that was used, some cleansers can cause more damage. For example; calcareous stones like limestone and marble can be damaged by acidic solutions. Hence, they must be cleaned using non-acidic and mild cleaners. If acidic cleaners are used, natural stone driveways Leicester can develop etch marks; damage that occurs when acid is left on the natural stone surface.

Since driveways are open, they are predisposed to biological and organic stains like; fungi, bird droppings or others caused by leaves. The good news is that organic stains are easy to clean. Actually, the stains can disappear on their own once the material that caused them is removed. Rain and sunshine also clean and bleach the natural stone block paving Leicester naturally. Nonetheless, it important to clean any material that may cause stains on your driveway as fast as you can.

Tough soiling stains should be cleaned using products like Oxy-Klenza that breaks down soiling and tough organic stains. Biological stains are cleaned using solutions that contain ammonia, hydrogen peroxide or a bleaching agent mixed with water. Note that, ammonia and any bleaching agent should never mix because they create a toxic gas that can be lethal..

Finally, moisture or water that seeps into the natural stone block paving Leicester and gets trapped can cause freeze-thaw or efflorescence damage.

Conclusion :-

Natural stone driveways Leicester are beautiful and require adequate care and attention to retain their original beauty. Hence, the need to understand the different hazards that you may experience and how to deal with them. However, it is recommended to consult a natural stone paving expert in case you notice a stain or problem that you do not know how to address. Dealing with a hazard the wrong way can cause more or irreversible damage.