4 Tips to Take Care of Your Natural Stone Driveway

Driveways are no longer just high-load bearing surfaces for moving vehicles. They are now considered as a valuable means to enhance the value and improve the aesthetic appearance of a property, whether it is residential or commercial. While a variety of materials are available in the market to create spectacular driveways, natural stones are gaining more popularity owing to the appealing and rustic beauty they add to driveways.

Though natural stone driveways boast immense appeal and higher durability, they do need extra care and attention to retain their beauty and enhance lifespan.

So, in this blog, we will discuss some easy ways that will help you take better care of your natural stone driveway.

  1. Cleaning of Natural Stones

The first step of natural stone driveway care is a thorough cleaning. You can clean your natural stone driveway simply with a broom and soapy water or stone detergent. While buying a natural stone cleaning detergent, make sure that the product is acid-free; otherwise, it will damage your driveway. You can also power wash your driveway. Experts recommend tilting the power washer at a 30-degree angle and spraying water diagonally with medium pressure. When cleaning, ensure that cleaning products are rinsed away completely.

  1. Pull Out the Weeds Regularly

On paving stones, the growth of weed, moss, lichen, and algae is common, especially when they are not cleaned regularly. Get rid of the weeds and moss by applying a good quality weed and moss killer. These products may take some time to work. However, if you apply them in dry conditions, they may work more effectively.

  1. Dealing with Nasty Stains

Stains are inevitable on driveways. Based on the type of stain, there are different ways to clean them. For instance, oil can readily penetrate a paved area and can be very difficult to remove. If you absorb the oil using highly absorbent paper towels or cloths in case of spillage, there will be no stain in the first place. When it comes to removing oil stains, always soak up them instead of rubbing them. Rubbing oil stains may cause the oil to spread over a large area and drive it further into the stone.

Other stains that are caused by scuffs or general food and drink spillages can be removed with hot soapy water and detergent. Before trying anything, it is always better to get the advice of a driveway professional.

  1. Sealing Stone for Enhanced Protection

Natural stone driveways can be protected against fading and water damage through the sealing process. However, not all sealants are equal and suitable to be used on natural stones. If your stone paving is laid on a hardcore base, it may not need sealing. It’s your personal choice if you want it to be sealed. But if the stone paving is laid on a prepared concrete pad, you should use sealing to protect stones against water ingress.

If you want your natural stone driveway to serve you decade after decade, you must take care of it properly. Though the amount of care it needs is not much, ignoring your driveway completely can take a toll on its appearance and life.