How important are Rubber Crumb Driveways?

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The construction industry is coming up with new designs and trends in the industry that provides an entirely new look to the driveways. Rubber crumb driveways are making the driveways construction cheaper and it entails the use of recycled rubber granules. It is a great alternative to tarmac driveways. The rubber crumb is mixed with aggregates which give exceptional anti-skid properties. It is a very hard wearing surface that makes the perfect rubber driveway.

It is one of the few driveway products that can be applied to a good standing, structurally sound existing driveway or patio. It holds a long life guarantee and the cost of a rubber crumb driveway or paving can be a fraction of a normal driveway cost. A rubber driveway is an ideal product where there is any risk of falling from children or the elderly. The rubber surface is also resistant to salt and cracking. Rubber cramps are coming in different colors & textures and so the design aspect of the rubber driveway can be truly bespoke.

Features of Rubber Crumb Driveways

Rubber crumb paving goes through the vigorous refining process and it is the more efficient way of driveways in the modern world. There are many advantages of the crumb driveways and it benefits the home-owners immensely.


It tackles the issue of tire disposal very swiftly. Tires are used as the component in making of the driveway by turning it into granules. It also decreases the use of asphalt which is destructive to the environment and also affects the human health.


It is the cheap form of driveway construction. The designs are made such that it can be laid on an existing surface and the installation cost is also cheaper. It is cheapest in the scenario where there is an existing stable base.


The driveways are durable and the finished product has higher resistance to rust. Once laid, the material fuses into one tough block that lasts a very long time without erosion. The driveway is made firm with the rubber component and it also improves the grip to avoid unintentional burning of rubber.


It is very simple to lay down the rubber driveway. Prepare the base first and in case of an existing firm material like concrete or tarmac, no such preparation is required before setting. When it comes to mixing the various components, the instructions are simple and clear. The local suppliers will provide the best procedure to mix and the ratios required to get the best results.

Here are some of the aspects that we get from Rubber Crumb Driveways –

  • The user will get a wide range of choice to select the perfect driveway for their homes
  • These driveways are used in all weather
  • It is also a fast draining option
  • It is also vandal resistant

Rubber crumb driveways have significant advantages over concrete or asphalt driveways. The installation is easy and the installation experts will provide the accurate assistance. There are many driveway installers who can provide just the type of driveway installation that the user wants or desire.