Follow these steps to maintain the appearance of your block paving

Even if you take every step to ensure the proper installation of block pavings and even if you use the most superior quality of materials, you will still have to make some efforts to keep your block paving appear well-maintained and proper. Although not drastically, lack of maintenance will definitely deteriorate your pavement’s condition over time. But the best part of block paving is that it requires minimal input in terms of maintenance in order to appear new and shining.

Block Paving

Simply follow the steps mentioned below for a squeaky clean block paved space.

Remove everything from the pavement. Before proceeding with cleaning activities, you will need to remove all the pots and furniture which are placed on the block paving. This will ensure that no area remains uncleaned.

Brush the pavement. Use a stiff broom or brush to remove all the dirt from the surface. Ensure that corners and hidden spots get thoroughly cleaned of any dirt. The tip is to use a leaf blower. But make sure that you remove all stoned and big particles before using a leaf blower so that they do not hit your car or windows.

Remove weeds and moss. You can apply weeds killers as per the instructions provided on the material’s packaging. Allow the weed killer to sit on weeds for two to three days before you initiate the cleaning. Once the moss turns brown and the weeds wilt, you can go on to remove them using your hands or a scrapper. Alternatively, you can opt for a jet wash to remove the weeds. However, you will need to be extra cautious of not damaging your pavement’s structure while doing this.

Remove oil and grease stains. Use an oil and grease stains remover to get rid of them. After applying the stain remover, scrub it thoroughly and then rinse using soap water. It may so happen that you do not notice the oil stains until you have thoroughly cleaned the block paving. In such a scenario, you will have to clean it again after removing the stain.

Clean the block paving. If the surface is only slightly dirty, you can just use soap water to clean it. However, if it is dirtier than that, you will have to use a special block paving detergent to thoroughly clean the pavement.

Gently scrub the surface. Once you apply soap water or cleaning detergent on the block pavement, you will need to gently scrub the surface using a broom or a brush to ensure that the liquid thoroughly cleans the surface and the joints. You can also use a jet washer for this purpose. This will help to remove even the deepest of dirt particles from the pavement.

Rinse with clean water. Once you have thoroughly scrubbed the surface using soap water or detergent, you will need to rinse it off with clean water. The result will be a squeaky clean block paved surface.

Fill in joint sand. When you block paving gets dried completely after the wash, it’s time to fill in paving joint sand from wherever it has been lost during the whole cleaning process. You need to simply fill in this sand using a brush and let it dry. This is essential to ensure that you block pavements so not shift position or come out.

If you carefully follow the aforementioned steps, you will encounter no issues at all in maintaining the look of your block paving. Alternatively, you can also call for experts to provide all of these services to clean and maintain the block paving.

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