Facts and Features of Resin Bound Driveways

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In past few years, the demand for resin bound paving has grown due to the awareness about disastrous floods and preventions to keep the properties safe. The process of making permeable paving driveways consists of natural aggregates and resin compound, which makes it strong and long-lasting. When it is done, there is always left some gap between the materials to let the water pass away easily.

Small size stones are mixed with resin and the mixture is pasted on a clean, strong and stable surface to make resin bound driveways. There are numerous benefits of making a driveway adopting this technique. Not only it makes the way beautiful and attracts the attention of many, there is much more than that.

One of the most impressive features of making a resin bound driveway is that it is completely permeable. While applying the mixture to the ground, it is fixed that way that it leaves small gaps so that the water would stay on the surface and could easily make it way out. Whereas, impermeable surfaces don’t let water to get into the ground and hold it above the surface, in result during heavy rainfall water travels to drains and rivers which may cause flood.

These driveways are not only sustainable but are decorative too. This kind of paving can be done in a variety of color and textures, which can be chosen according to the place where it would be done. It is suitable for every kind of property such as traditional, modern or heritage.

The color of this paving would not fade due to being under sunlight for years or due to rainfall, it neither gets soft in summers nor freezes in winters. Hence, fit for all the weathers, whole year round. This can be cleaned easily with the help of pressure water and in case of grease/oil and other sticky substances; standard detergents are helpful to remove the stains.

Resin bound driveways are strong and long-lasting surfaces which are able to match their durability with concrete. It stays intact for years without any extreme and expensive maintenance. Even concrete is unable to offer the choice of color, style and design flexibility. Once you get resin bound paving done, you wouldn’t need to worry about growing of weeds if you clean it regularly.

Its nature friendly feature is the best as it filters the rain water before it gets into the ground.

Impermeable surfaces hold pollutants such as dust and oil and when the water flows, it picks up such pollutants toward drains and natural water sources like rivers, lakes and oceans polluting them too. When the rain water seeps through permeable paving, it works like a natural filter by reducing pollutants and impurities caused by oils.

Having great benefits and features, no one would resist getting resin bound driveway. Before you get this done, perform a complete research on different contractors, it would be good if you personally go and check some contractor’s previous and completed projects to judge their capabilities.